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Tarot Reading
By Denis Lapierre - Saturday February 29, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Love is afoot. A person (m/f) is incredibly in love with you but won’t say a word. This person is very sensitive, but they are distressed from fear of rejection. This undoubtedly explains their silence. This person is a very close neighbor. Their feelings for you are boundless. This person is a prisoner of their emotions because they can’t manage (or don’t have the possibility) of opening up to you. The reason is simultaneously simple and complex. It’s that you aren’t willing that a tie should arise between you two. Something is obstructing this – the context. You are in a position that deprives you of accepting any amorous agreement with this person, and they know it. Appearances are deceiving because you are simply unable to evaluate the magnitude of love this person has for you. More specifically, this person has a job that is closely or loosely tied with justice. Their priorities are mainly concentrated on their job and long term career, but their personal activities especially deal with hunches and feelings. This is probably a person who has a double life – professional and spiritual. The person obviously does volunteering or assistance in your neighborhood or in the community you live in. You know this person well and you are not indifferent towards them.
You will be interviewed by a policeman (a policewoman) or someone from the law. This person will ask you several questions. Photos or surveillance video will also be at issue. In fact, you will (directly or indirectly) witness a criminal act, or the police will consider the possibility that you may have witnessed a criminal act. This event will be reported in the press. Since you have nothing to hide and are not the source of any doubts, you have nothing to fear from this event.

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