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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday February 29, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :84%            Your HEALTH indice :87%
Your MONEY indice :62%            Your WORK indice :90%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :58%            Your HOBBIES indice :92%
GLOBAL :   79%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   81%

You are worried by the health of a person of the opposite sex and who is a little younger than you. Your words and actions betray your feelings. This is someone of foreign origin (or who is new in your environment.) However, this person seems to be playing you. Either he/she is opportunistic, or she is downright dishonest (in a relative context.) You must be careful to not let yourself be manipulated. This person is looking for your friendship (or pity) in order to better take advantage of your feelings. His/her actions are aimed at extracting money from you or to get financial support from you. You must keep a cool head, because apart from small negligible problems regarding his/her health, if there really is somebody sick, this person is not being entirely honest with you. Be careful not to fall into too much empathy, because this person is probably not as sick as he/she pretends to be (or tries to have you believe.) It may be possible that he/she is not lying to you, and if this is the case, it is that his/her remarks suggest a deformation (or exaggeration) of the truth which could be interpreted in several ways. It is also possible that this person needs money and that he/she is using a minor health problem to get help from you. If that is the case, it isn't not recommended to help him/her, but only under the condition that this person is telling you the truth, and nothing else which could lead to any confusion on his/her real state of health. You are not likely insensitive to this person's problems, regardless of their nature, but this does not give him/her any right to lie to you or to abuse your kindness. (Important : If this is someone who contacted you via Internet and whom you have never met, the possibility of a fraud or scam is extremely high and should be considered before anything else!)

Disorder has set in (or is now setting in), within your love life. A woman younger than you, who is part of your inner circle, is showing affection for you in a more or less unsettling way. This woman is in love with you. Here, your sex and your specific nature are of no importance, and it hardly matters whether you are a man or a woman, whether or not you are desirable, etc. This woman is relatively comfortable financially, and she is ready to spend money to give you small pleasures. She has feelings for you, and will show this rather clearly. For her, you are distinguished from other people (by your personality, or your originality). She feels that you are different from most people, and she is ready to defend you from those who do not accept you as you are. She is in love with you, and some of her gestures will assuredly make you feel uncomfortable. This woman is beautiful, and her powers of seduction are great (both physically and in terms of her personality). Even though she will probably cause surprise or embarrassment, this woman has a lot of class, and there will be no shocking or inappropriate gestures from her. She will plant disorder in your thoughts, simply because (in a general way), you like her very much and you will have to learn how to like her in another way.

A fundamental element indicates that you aren’t taking sufficient care of your health or else that something in your life or in your environment is harmful to your health. If the problem is coming from you, then maybe it’s because you are asking more of your body than it can give you. If it’s something in your life or your environment, you need to take the situation more seriously. Whatever it may be, you are exhausting yourself more than you are resting (you are wearing down). Your body is asking you to listen and you should pay attention, because if you don’t, you risk becoming ill or becoming overtired (burnout, depression or the like). You need to take more time to relax or exercise (cardio, recreation or such) and to take care of yourself. You also need to understand that you have to pay as much attention to your psychological health as your physical health, since the two go hand in hand. Thus, it seems that you need to change something in your daily routines, since things are out of kilter in some way. So you should think more than ever of adopting a healthy lifestyle (or improving your living conditions), since the harbinger signs are pointing that way.
Somebody worries/alarms you over nothing. A person (m/f) is displaying very demanding behaviour and making you waste your time (or else they are monopolising your attention more than is necessary). This person lacks maturity (or has an enormous lack of self-confidence). He/she worries about everything and is practically incapable (by himself/herself) of taking decisions that are constructive or favourable to himself/herself in the long-term. No, this person is not a child, but rather an adult displaying very childish behaviour. Be careful of his/her anxiety, because it controls his/her life and spreads alarm amongst everyone. This person lives in a world of unnecessary fears and unfounded concerns. He/she behaves as if the end of the world were imminent. Yes, you can help him/her, but you must not allow yourself to be swayed by him/her (or as little as possible), otherwise your life will become a nightmare.

You will leave for a few weeks, probably for two weeks, more or less (if not more). This will be a journey of personal renewal rather than a vacation. You will take some distance from your everyday stress and your financial worries. You will go to a mountain or to a mountainous location. It will be a lonely place where there are very few houses. You will see some stunning scenery. You will write a lot. It will be poems, thoughts, letters, or other. You will feel wonderfully good. This trip will bring you closer to a being from the beyond that you respect greatly. This will be a time of closeness for which you have been waiting a long time. Your encounter with this being will appear to be unreal, but in truth it will be undeniable. You will come back greater from this trip, and you will almost become a new person.

Someone from your professional environment (work, business, education, healthcare or other) shows incredible laziness and nonchalance. This person has received a lot from life (money, education, etc.) and has a tendency to treat poorer people with a lot of contempt. He/she shows blatant selfishness and he/she could not care less about the claims of others. Be careful not to allow yourself to be crushed by the way he/she is and acts towards people, since he/she may create serious problems for you. Your health is at stake! This person is of the opposite sex to yours and is around your age (+/- 10 years). You don't really have a close relationship with him/her but he/she, however, has a professional position that allows him/her to damage and overwhelm you. He/she is intelligent and distinguishes but he/she hides great insensitivity behind his/her good manners. You should avoid confronting him/her, since he/she has enough leeway to make your life very difficult. This person is a real threat to you and it would be in your interest to try to ignore (or avoid) him/her if possible.
A friend will tell you some very good news. This friend is a man who is passing through your life. The relationship that you have with him is warm and sincere. This man has a very open mind and he does not hesitate to support you in all of your initiatives. He will tell you about something extraordinary. A decision will be made in your favour. It is a matter of great joy. This news will have a very big effect on your morale (very positive). Take advantage of the benefits this man can bring you because he has projects (personal or professional) that will cause him to leave (one or two years from now, perhaps even in a few months). This departure will be definitive, but you will still remain in contact (probably by technological means, Internet, email or other). This contact will be very precious, because this man is able to recognise people of great value (like you) (he never forgets them). Because of this, in a few years he will have an offer for you, and we are speaking here about an offer that you will not be able to refuse (unexpected opportunity).

The sincerity of a person (m/f) who says they love you is doubtful. This person seems to appreciate you more for practical (or financial) reasons than a real emotional attachment. Moreover, many clues indicate that this person cares very little for you and that you know it. In this case, your sensitivity is your weak point. This person knows how to use you in order to manipulate you. You are possibly too tolerant of these doings, which are frankly selfish. Also, there is the issue of a transfer of money from one person to another. Is it yours? To avoid problems, it would probably be better if you lead this person to show their consideration for you more concretely. You must be aware that promises are no longer enough. You need to demand real and immediate actions. Although this person tends to always postpone commitments they have made, you’ll obviously need to ask yourself the question of whether they really intend to respect their oath. Promises can sometimes hide a terrible lie… So, don’t be taken in if you don’t want to prolong an uneasiness that is growing every day and which likely has no chance of being beneficial, no matter the (emotional or monetary) investment you will place in it. In the present context, this person represents fire, whereas you are the city. As a result, be careful and don’t let this person light the city on fire, because fire is devastating. City = resources, solidarity, cooperation and security. Fire = indifference, waste and destruction without pity. In sum = desolation and obliteration of dreams.

A woman will make a major compromise in order to achieve an agreement or reconciliation with you on the professional level. This woman is older than you are and has a job that puts her in contact with the public. She is sensitive and responsible. Her level of spiritual evolution is high and it fosters many of her initiatives. Something is hindering the purity of the exchanges between you two and she realises that a growing worry exists in her relationship with you. Consequently, she will take concrete action in order to demonstrate more sensitivity towards you. Yes, her expectations are great, but she agrees to show more open-mindedness with you. She is ready to start afresh in her approach and to do so by better considering your needs. You will, then, have a new meeting with this woman and it will be a much more cordial one.
A woman is looking for power over you. This woman feels diminished by your (professional or social) status, your abilities, or your know-how, and she wants to be able to dominate you in order to restore prestige to her personal image, to her business, or to her company. She wants to use you in order to take your accomplishments for herself and remove all merit from them. This is about jealousy and pride. This woman has confidence in you, but she is not totally sincere. She loves innuendo and implying things, as this allows her to create ambiguity and double meanings that are often very favorable to her, but which confuse her real talents and skills in her field of work or expertise. This woman appears dominating, but she takes her power from the work of others. She is not a real threat to you, but her attitude could become frustrating enough to force you to redouble your efforts in order for your true worth to be recognized. You will probably have to make sacrifices because of her, if you have not already done so.

The friendship of a woman does have some weaknesses, but does not need to be called into question. Regarding this friend, there is a delicate situation. In fact, this woman has personal problems that she wants to keep secret. Her behaviour is unusual (questionable, doubtful...), but if you do not understand everything, it is simply because you are not aware of everything. You will therefore have to show great openness of mind with her. You should not doubt her good will or her loyalty, because in reality she is not entirely free to act as she would like. Certainly, if she hides things from you, you can never understand everything, but with dedication and sincerity, you will manage to get her to confide in you. You can be useful to her, yes, but first you must gain her trust.

You have a hill to climb on the sentimental level. A slight anxiety robs you of your inner peace. It is a question, here, of both love and uncertainty. You need love, but you have trouble giving yourself value. You are a person who has a lot of charm in the eyes of many people, but you appear to be folded into yourself (because of past events). Is this the result of a relationship that was difficult? Did someone make you lose your self-esteem? Have you lost confidence in your ability to please? One thing is certain: you are the kind of person that one loves for whole life! You have a lot to offer, so you must come out of your shell. Do not have fear … You do not need to force destiny, but only to show you are available. You do not have to seduce half the planet … Just please one person (the right one) … And seen from here, this person is not so very far away.

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