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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday July 12, 2020 - Certified website

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Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada



Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :68%            Your HEALTH indice :59%
Your MONEY indice :87%            Your WORK indice :63%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :62%            Your HOBBIES indice :82%
GLOBAL :   70%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   83%

A man (in your immediate social circle) requires your help to solve an insignificant problem. This man seems incapable of managing the situation. He absolutely (exaggeratedly) needs you, even if this is almost ridiculous. He has a problem that he could very well resolve himself, but he insists on demanding your help. He is convinced that he is acting totally legitimately and moreover believes that you are indebted to him (for works, services, special care or something else). In fact, you do not really need to intervene to help him, but he is so used to abusing your generosity that he knows in advance you will not say no. Is he lazy or irresponsible?

You entitled to receive some money (pay, profit, commission, bonus, compensation, reimbursement or other). We are speaking about a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, a person opposes this. This person is trying to prevent you from cashing in this money. He/she has used administrative shenanigans (more or less legal) to achieve his/her aims. He/she has even developed a scenario to discredit you. We are speaking here about a person who is insensitive and extremely determined. You will have to stand up to him/her because, unlike him/her, you are entitled to this money and it is totally legitimate for you to cash it in “now”. Be careful, however, to not confront him/her too openly because this is unnecessary. You are in a position of strength with regard to him/her, so a wrong step on your part could only worsen the situation.

You will have to call upon a person who knows all about the law and justice (rights, privileges, duties and obligations). We are talking here about a lawyer, prosecutor or representative. This person practices a profession that is directly related to the judiciary. He/she has the authority to intervene and interfere with people's lives and, in cases of dispute, he/she can legally compel someone to take action against their will (or in opposition to their vision of things). More specifically, you will have to bring an action or legal proceedings (in court or before an arbitrator) in order to obtain compensation for harm done to you. You will have to be assisted by this person because he/she has the reputation to represent you in court and also because he/she has all the skills required to make you win the case. This affair is about family, mistrust, a man and a shocking staged scene.
You will have a new encounter in your workplace. An emotional or sentimental link will be created between this person and you. This person will be attracted by you. He/she will seek to know your interests and to open up to you. You will receive an invitation from him/her. You will be tempted by his/her offer, but you will hesitate to accept it. This has to do with a trip abroad. Your exchanges will lead you to take a fresh look at many aspects of your life. This person has a very good income. His/her financial capacity is clearly above average. In addition, he/she has a great ability to communicate his/her ideas and thoughts. His/her influence on others is very palpable. However, this is a person who has deep convictions and who (a long time ago) broke the law, regulations, or guidelines because of them. In fact (at that time), he/she had to be punished for actions that were determined to be too radical (prison, fine, dismissal or other).

A delay or objection beyond your control lies ahead. A project will have to be postponed or temporarily shelved. This situation is closely linked to your love life and would otherwise risk severely impacting upon it. Events will take you hostage, which will prove exasperating. People will be so demanding of you that you will long to break off an agreement. A relationship with an older person in your social circle will also come into play. This person lives in the country close to a rail line. He/she holds you in sincere regard and his/her honesty towards you is in no doubt. This person will perform a task for you in view of smoothing out certain obstacles. A new job opportunity or departure may therefore upon up to you. There will be many verbal exchanges and you must be highly receptive to everything said.

A joy is coming. This joy is located at the family level. You will live a great happiness with your loved ones. An ideal of life (or a dream) will be reached and harmony will reign in your close family (the loved one and/or children). In this event, it certainly comes about a trip that you will do. However, this great happiness will not come by itself. It's you who will have to prepare it and it's you who will be responsible for it. By being reasonable in its planning that its success will be assured. This happiness will be immense and it will give you a great joy of living.
You will have a very nice meeting (on the emotional level). You will meet a new person. This person will captivate and charm you instantly (love at first sight). You will spend a lot of time with him/her and you will see him/her again later (because this will be as much your desire as it will be his/hers). You will have some intimate moments with him/her (personal secrets, a feeling of abandon or other). Your relationship will continue and your intimate encounters will multiply. You will have sincere thoughts for this person. Even if the context will not always be favourable, a real love relationship will blossom between the two of you. There will, then, be sizeable obstacles to overcome, but nothing will be sufficiently constricting to become a (permanent) barrier to your relationship. It will, however, be an anxious love because not everything will be allowed (especially in the beginning). Despite everything, we are speaking here about a long-lasting, sensual and very intense unconditional love.

There will be a significant change in your life. We are talking about a new life or an undoubtedly improved life. This change will lead you to be more creative and to make greater use of your talents. You will have the help or the unconditional support of someone who loves you very much (spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend). You will receive financial assistance to complete a project. This project has to do with a house or a property. It will occupy much of your personal time (leisure, hobbies, entertainment or other). It will make you happier, because it will increase your level of independence and autonomy at the social level. You will be more optimistic about your long-term future. The project will also bring you to meet new people (neighbours, friends, or others). Here, we are talking about a growing happiness and a great pride in connection with your achievements. Your project is solid and it will be a turning point in your life.

A person is in love with you. This person is making great efforts to impress you. Regardless of whether or not you are a couple, this person is totally enamoured of you. You have obvious affinities, which explains a lot. We are speaking here of someone who is determined to play an active role in your life. This person troubles you because you have difficulty believing that anyone could make so much effort for you (to please and/or move you). You seem to know this person well because you do not seek to escape or move away from him/her. On the contrary, you know you can trust and feel safe with him/her. You are two people of good faith, so no matter what the future holds, you will go a long way together (or in parallel).
Somebody would be well-served by showing a little more modesty. Someone who is successful in business (or professionally) thinks him or herself superior to others. This person believes that he/she can control everyone. He/she is close to you and has a strong tendency to impose him/herself in your life (manage everything for you). He/she annoys you tremendously and you try to avoid him/her as best as you can. Unfortunately, this person is trying so hard to look good (to seem more intelligent than everyone else) that he/she acts towards you as if you were a child. You would like a little more understanding on his/her part, but this is a waste. Here, your freedom of action is at stake. This person has a serious personality problem. He/she overestimates his/her own competence. You clearly are unable to defend yourself in his/her presence, because he/she is nothing but a constant source of stress to you.

A man is trying to get in contact with you. This man wants to enlist you in a sect (or get you to adhere to a form of religious fanaticism). His objective is very harmful to you. This man does not have the same view as you concerning God (and life on earth). You live in two different worlds. He evolves against the current of society. He tries to draw you into his world with words that seduce. He tells you he can bring you closer to God, but in reality he wants above all to make use of you in order to propagate his ideology and give himself power over people. Moreover, he himself lives a sinful life with regard to his own teachings (deviant sexual mores). He lives in a closed and very hermetically sealed universe. If you agree to follow him, you will have to submit to the life of a slave in which debauchery is badly seen but practised in broad daylight. You will experience psychological suffering (brainwashing) and will be forbidden from fleeing. Pay special attention to the threats this man utters in order to make others obey him. This man is violent and dangerous!

You will have to see a man that represents law or justice (a lawyer, a policeman, a counselor, a mediator, an administrator, a colleague, a friend or someone else). This has to do with your work or an activity that you do on a regular basis, and to which you devote much of your time. A person is causing you problems because of her jealousy. This person is a woman who is just a little older than you. Despite your good intentions, you will not be able to settle your differences with her in a friendly way. You will need an intervention, a mediation or an arrangement with a third-party (male). This situation is complicated, because this woman is stubborn. You will have to travel in order to speak in private with this man (a car or another means of transportation). This dispute is having a direct impact on a trip you are preparing (or that you wish to prepare) for. You will have to stand up to this woman and strengthen your position. The people you associate with are behind you (friends or colleagues), so you can count on them to support you during this step forward. You will not have to be very persuasive in defending your point of view, because this man (of law or justice) has a lot of experience and is not easily swayed. A decision will be made, and this woman will have to change her behavior. Consequences will be clearly established if she does not cooperate.

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2020 (4)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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