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Here are your cards and your predictions.
Cartomancy adapted from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday December 14, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
    Automatic Tarot - For entertainment only  Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre

Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :67%            Your HEALTH indice :67%
Your MONEY indice :78%            Your WORK indice :59%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :90%            Your HOBBIES indice :67%
GLOBAL :   71%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   81%

You like your job but your priorities are clearly elsewhere. Your future at the professional level is secure and that allows you to think about other projects. Therefore, you only worry about your family, your hobbies, your vacations, and your travels. You have a lot of energy and you love to explore things. You love life and you get just like a child while you are discovering new things. You are a lot of things but certainly not superficial and you have great respect for those that demonstrate that they care about you. Your family is the center of your world and your intimate relationships are what you value the most. Also, you clearly receive (or love receiving) a lot of mail.

You have an innate need to create. You mental balance comes from creation (the arts). Your power to create gives you the confidence you need to successfully handle daily struggles and to free you from aggressive energies. You need to exteriorise your thoughts and your emotions (in a more or less subtle way), and it is with your hands that you will most often succeed in this. You can be proud of what you manage to create, because your works are truly unique. Your talent is obvious and you have a lot to offer to society. You are really an artist and do not need to doubt what you can accomplish. You clearly need to express yourself and it is through works of art (or writings) that you will best achieve this. Free yourself through your creations and you will make many others happy as well as yourself.

A lying dishonest woman has recently settled in your area. She is looking for a new person to fool and believes she has found one. Her objective is to take advantage of someone's misfortune (or innocence, vulnerability, etc.). She has ties of friendship with a member of your family or with a close friend, a man who is not much older than you. She is trying to charm this man because she wants to get something from him. Her intentions are not good at all. This man trusts her and because of her he could soon be faced with a painful dilemma. Be on your guard because she is a woman you need to seriously distrust. If this man does not show vigilance, she could easily and rapidly achieve her aims (emotional blackmail).
You will have a meeting or a private conversation with a person of the opposite sex that you regularly rub shoulders with but with whom you are not related in a serious or formal way. We are talking here about a person whose talent is their sense of communication (innate) and who has a lot of influence on the people around them. Even if you are not necessarily very close to each other, this person is someone who you consider to be a friend (a reciprocal and growing friendship). This meeting will inevitably have a great effect on you and will be decisive at the emotional (or sentimental) level. It will open the door for more privacy between you two, even though it might only be just a game (for now?).

An emotional approach by a person (m/f) from outside your circle of friends (or who has recently arrived in your circle of friends) may harm you considerably or be greatly destructive to you if you do not promptly see it clearly. This person has an extraordinary physical attractiveness, but his/her selfishness, human insensitivity and sexual volatility works against them. He/she will try to take advantage of you by simulating amorous feelings which will be totally nonexistent in reality. This person has a charm and a verbal cunning worthy of the greatest actors and you will need not to let yourself become bewitched by his/her beautiful words. This being will only seek to take advantage of your sensitivity, and only in order to manipulate you better. You will need to quickly become aware of the emotional dangers that this person will bring you, because he/she will have no remorse or disdain to make you suffer or to abuse your feelings to take advantage of you. Consequently, you will have to be very intuitive in order to avoid letting yourself being caught up in his/her despicable ploy. If you show too much naivety, you will become easy prey for this person. This person is clearly malicious and will not hesitate to boast of having beaten you out of pure personal entertainment (or monetary benefit).

A transaction was completed in favour of a competitor. This is a person who is aggressive in business, and who makes no compromises, but who is not infallible. This transaction concerns a house, a property or some sort of asset that brings in money or increases in value over the years. This infuriates you just to think about it, because an excellent opportunity slipped through your fingers. This thought haunts you and you have no way of responding. Unfortunately, this transaction was done correctly and everything is legal. You must therefore accept it and live with it. On the good side, if you believe in providence, there is a good reason for everything. Most likely, something better is reserved for you, this seems to be obvious.
Your emotional life will take you through many experiences. In the area of love, it is abundance that will represent your biggest challenge. Many (m/f) will seek to be part of your life, but few will have the qualities needed. Small pleasures will follow one another, but lasting relationships are rare. Time will pass again and again before you discover or really understand what is best for you. For you, passion is a sacred thing, but it is too often of short duration. You need, therefore, to undergo an apprenticeship in order to be able to recognise the exact type of person that would really suit you. You are someone people love and appreciate at the first meeting, so that many fall in love with you, often even without saying. However, many do not deserve you and many have nothing serious to bring to you. The question here is not to believe that you are someone that is difficult to satisfy, but rather to understand that you are one of those that deserves what is best in an amorous relationship. Do not submit too quickly out of fear of losing the chance of your life, but rather give yourself the time to study people before accepting or undertaking anything. Not all are serious, but you are. In this regard, some people speak too much, whilst it would be in the clear interest of others to express themselves more fully.

A person who is in love with you is going to keep a promise he/she made to you. You will have confirmation in the form of a paper document that you'll receive by post. It relates to a financial project, of either a business or commercial nature. In all likelihood it's a question of a major transaction that's going to happen, and that will have a very beneficial impact on your quality of life. There's also a very interesting creative and intuitive aspect to this transaction. Its completion will be incredibly favourable for you.

The atmosphere is heavy around you. There are dark thoughts. A heartbreaking event has occurred. A person needs to confide in someone. This person is a woman of foreign origin (or who has returned from a long stay abroad). She needs to talk to someone. She needs help. You might not be able to give her all of the help she needs, but you can direct her towards someone who will be able to take care of her.
A young person is looking to make amends for a wrong action. This action is shocking (inappropriate, immoral, obscene, indecent, etc.). We are speaking here about a marginalised young person (eccentric, unpredictable). He/she loves you but deeply hurt you with his/her action. He/she must solve his/her behavioural problems (or problems with the law). He/she must explain the situation to you honestly. Take care not to accept just anything as an excuse. This young person has faults that are more than obvious and must assume the consequences of his/her actions. Yes, you can be indulgent, but not under any condition. You must hear the truth and nothing but the truth (even if you already know it). This young person needs to be truly honest with you. You can forgive his/her action only when he/she has really confessed (or understood) his/her mistake and undertakes not to do this kind of thing again. Be formal, because even if you have no authority over him/her, you have to have respect as a human being (as a sensitive person).

An old lover will reappear in your life. This person must now overcome some difficulties in his/her emotional life and thinks of you often. The path he/she has taken is not the one he/she hoped for. He/she was mistaken and would like to go back and start all over again. He/she has thought a lot about the relationship he/she had with you in the past and has regrets. He/she is nostalgic and wants to see you again. This person has never really forgotten you and will attempt to reconnect. He/she has matured a lot since the last time you spoke to him/her. He/she recognises his/her faults and has a lot of things to be forgiven. You have, however, a journey to make and you must not cancel or postpone it because of this person. Take the time to get some rest and you will have a clearer idea. We are speaking here of a clock that is stopped at 6:01. Even if it does not work, every day it gives exact time twice.

You are the instrument of power of a person around you. Someone is using you in order to affirm or invoke his/her power. Your work or your knowledge is benefiting another person. You will need to find a way to release yourself from this stranglehold, or else you will never manage to break through on the professional level. Your future is bright, but everything will depend on your ability to seize the opportunities that lie before you. It seems that you think too much of others to take care of your own needs. You will have to find a balance in your professional life, and this lies somewhere between “financial security” and “self-affirmation”. This balance is very difficult to reach for most people. It is available only to the most daring people of this world, and you are part of this elite group. So it is up to you to do the right thing to find your place among the greatest.

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