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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday July 12, 2020 - Certified website

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2020 (3)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

You will have a decisive encounter with a kind and generous man. This is a very close friend. You have a lot of affection for him. He has intelligence and his business acumen as qualities. He is brilliant and always evaluates very carefully every risk in everything that he does. He appreciates you very much and he would like to have a more constant relationship (friendship) with you. He will advise you and will have a great influence on a decision that you are about to take regarding your love life. His words are important for you and they will comfort you in your choices. You are in a situation in which you had to pay an important sum of money to maintain or try to improve your love life, but do not worry, because you did not spend your money for nothing. You invested your money well, and nothing was in vain. Even if you think that you are significantly poorer, nothing is lost and absolutely nothing was wasted. On the contrary, you are wrong to think that you took the wrong path, and this man will show it to you very clearly. He is in good faith and he will skilfully guide you in order for you to achieve the goals that you set yourself. More concretely, a joie de vivre is coming quickly thanks to your efforts. You will have a successful love life (love, faithfulness, abundance, and lasting happiness) because you will make the right choices. You will be very proud of yourself!
You have a gift of clairvoyance. This gift is at a superior level, but it is not sufficiently developed. If you want to use it, you must discipline your mind to make yourself more alert to the vibrations around you. To get there, you must particularly train yourself more in not letting your emotions or your own desires confuse you. Furthermore, your power allows you above all to see for others and little for yourself. In other words, you can sense a great deal about others, but very little about yourself. On the other hand, this may also indicate that you are currently having trouble completing a job, but that negative elements are being transformed into positive elements. Therefore, you are at the end of a bad period, either professionally or with your family. You will have a rest, leave or vacation.
A delicate situation professionally-speaking (or at work) will force you to make a defensive decision. The situation will be such that you will perhaps have to react in order not to be targeted unfairly (or by mistake). A difficult hardship will have to be overcome by many people and you’ll have to try not to become part of this group of people. A large project (disturbance) will be coming to your professional world and this project will include a reorganization that will create victims. This reorganization will be favorable overall, yet it will open the doors to score-settling. As a result, be sure that you have an irreproachable image because if you want to leave this situation a winner, you’ll have be as white as snow.


At the professional level (work, business, investments, studies or other), a response or approval is late in coming. You need to be patient and not draw conclusions too quickly. Changes (change of person, consultant, agent or other) are happening which are slowing down (or temporarily suspending) the process involved in answering your request. So, an additional delay is inevitably expected before you can obtain your response (or service). You will have to meet a new person, so you may have to submit your request again, and do so in a more formal way. It is, therefore, someone else who will make the decision (or perform the action) that you are expecting. Nothing is yet decided about you, but it is certainly a question of a contract or legal papers requiring your signature. A person will communicate with you shortly to give you more details about what is to come concerning you. It seems that you are an exceptional case and that an exceptional decision (or action) will (or must) be taken for you.

A conversation with a woman (friend) will allow you to envisage a new way of seeing your future concerning the relationship you have with someone you are enamored of or very attached to. Your friend is a woman of mature years whom you have not seen in a long time (or who lives far away from you). She will invite you to consider a new approach (or way of doing things) in your relationship with this person. Your discussion will prove very beneficial (psychologically) and will restore your self-confidence. This woman will give you excellent advice that will allow you to get closer to this person. We are talking about a woman who is associated with knowledge, experience and creativity (a highly mature woman). She thus has a great deal to teach you about all aspects of life.


You possess a secret, obscure or impenetrable understanding of certain phenomena of life that you are unable to explain. This “understanding” comes to you as your own intuition but this is not the case. More specifically, your mind knows, (or has been initiated to) a form of hidden wisdom that it not understood by current scientific experts, but is nevertheless very real in the irrational cosmic universe in which we live. It occurs mainly in an inspirational or sixth sense form, but in fact is based on a concrete reality that is not yet understood at a human level. This fact may seem to many people as paranormal and very far fetched to others. You will meet a man who will help you to explore this gift that you possess. This person was born under the Gemini astrology sign and lives in a remote place in the country. He is in complete harmony with the earth and nature. He is gentle, sensitive and has a lot of (spiritual) love to share with you, and is eager to meet and to talk with you. You will be very impressed by his personality. You first meeting will be decisive. This meeting will take place on a Tuesday night during the month of May.

Your creativity is being threatened by a pessimistic person. This person is a Virgo. He or she does not believe in your ideas and constantly discourages you when you submit new projects. The life of this person is full of an endless monotony and you must not let yourself be influenced by it, as you will lose many business opportunities. You have a young and refined spirit that must blossom constantly and many pleasant surprises will be coming to your life if you allow your instinct to guide you. While often eccentric, your plans for the future are realistic and usually very viable. All of your initiatives must be considered, as some of them will end up enriching you greatly. Moreover, you will have a meeting with someone a Sunday afternoon in February, while working on one of your projects. This person is unpredictable but a perfectionist. He or she lives on a plateau and feels a particular love for animals. He or she will tell you a secret and this secret will allow you to acquire a lot throughout the years. Your personal fortune will be big.


Prosperity is on its way. Your wealth will grow from your efforts. You are on your way to making a great fortune through your work and tenacity. You will get a new business proposition and your long-term financial stability will soon be secure. You will join up with a man in your close circle in something to do with a transaction or a very promising opportunity. However, you must realize that this man doesn’t have as much maturity as you and you’ll have to lead him to be more serious in his undertaking. Even if he has a lot of respect for you and for what you do, this man will not be able to follow you indefinitely. His confidence in himself is lacking and you’ll eventually have to continue on your way alone and independently. When the time comes, you’ll surely suffer great pain to see this man leave the ship, but in the long term, it will be for the best. With time, you’ll become independent in your enterprise (commerce, business or something else) and this will let you prosper more constantly and more quickly. You’ll blossom wonderfully in business and everything you will gain will be obviously much deserved.

Tuesday July 14, 2020
Compassion, generosity
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Commitment, perseverance
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Compassion, generosity
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Work, patience
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Intervention, Spiritual entity
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Unfailing love
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Unfailing love
Monday July 27, 2020
Commitment, perseverance

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2020 (3)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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