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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday February 29, 2020 - Certified website

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A question must be worded well. You should take your time wording a question very carefully in order to get the exact information you’re looking for. If your question is too hypothetical, you will get nothing but a hypothetical answer, but if you ask a very precise question, targeted carefully in context, you will get the information you truly seek. You have deep motivations and you must understand them well before you ask your question. This concerns two related things: a very close friend (a woman), and your physical safety. It’s clear that you let yourself be too easily dominated and that you accept all kinds of things too readily. This person owes you explanations. Learning how to say no from time to time won’t make you any less friendly. The way you communicate your intentions and try to find answers, especially over the phone, needs to be improved or corrected.
A woman for whom you have great affection will enable you to find a solution to one of your problems. It is a problem that worries you enormously and that is inflicting a certain state of anxiety on you (medical/health aspect). It is causing a recurrent and persistent situation (in your personal life). This woman has a perspective of your problem with greater retrospect, because she is not undergoing what you are. She sees things more clearly and she will make you see your problem from a new angle. She will lead you to take care of small details that are escaping you. This woman is a very close friend. You have a lasting friendship with her. She is a wise and decent woman. She has had to overcome some rather-difficult trials in the past, which is why (today) she is better able to use her intuition. She is more methodical than most people around you, which is why she is going to enable you to better understand the source of your problem. Yes, there is a rather simple solution to your problem and you will find it. This woman trusts in you greatly (in your capabilities, your know-how, etc.), so listen to her, because she sees something that you do not.
Major changes are coming to your housing situation (lodgings, house, residence, property, etc.) There are constant comings and goings and a great disorder in your living space. Many things will be moved around and your environment will change radically. Furniture (as well as other products) will be replaced or moved from one place to the next, and new ones will be added. In other words, you will live in a new setting and you will get used to a new environment. A move, renovations, construction, a new acquisition, or new installations where you live are the only possible explanations for such a large change. You will either move into a new place, or you will make great transformations in your current place of residence. In many cases, this means a new start and better living conditions for the coming years. This is a very positive and significant change for you, and this also indicates a marked improvement in your financial situation (enrichment).


A financial opportunity is announced and it’ll be an important one. However, you’ll have to be careful with a young woman that will seek, on this occasion, to gain money through you. This young woman is very envious and she’ll demonstrate true jealousy towards what will present itself to you instead of her. You’ll have to be careful with her, as her thirst for money is very real and her excessive opportunism, always wanting to benefit from others, will intentionally lead her to act against you. Your financial success may frustrate her immensely and, because of this fact, she’ll surely try to give you advice that goes against your own interests. It’s clear that you’ll have an excellent business opportunity but this young woman will deliberately try to detour this opportunity towards her. You will thus have to distrust her kind words because this woman has a forked tongue. Losses in your gains can be expected if you allow yourself to become bewitched by her misleading words that will have the only objective of extracting money from you. You’ll especially have to show great prudence related to a possible pact with her as this woman is crafty and clever and she could eventually cause you important harm in a completely legal fashion.

You will sign a contract or a legal paper. This will be with a person of the opposite sex who is somewhat younger than you. This person is not part of your usual environment, but you trust him/her. Externally, he/she has as his/her particularities beauty and a high level of fitness (he/she is a good looking and healthy person. However, internally, this person is anxious and he/she has difficulty managing his/her emotions with you. Actually, he/she is sensitive to your situation and he/she has an enormous affection for you. He/she wants what is good for you and he/she is determined to do everything for you to be happy despite the hardships that you have to cross. The contract that you will sign with this person will aim to avoid problems (or disagreements) which could bring you to court (possibly against a corporation or a government agency. This document will be very favorable to you, because it will protect you against eventual or potential disputes (in the future) regarding your personal situation, which is unique. It will save you money as well as costly and lenghty arguments (legal fees, etc.) This will be an invaluable asset (document) that you will have to treasure.


An action towards (or in connection with) a man of authority will mean that you will deserve to be rewarded. This is a man who is afflicted by an injury of the soul (psychological or emotional). He will very much appreciate a gesture that you will make in his favour (or a good intention that you will have towards him). He will remember what you will do for him, and this, as a reward that will come later. Despite his wound of the soul, this man is ingenious and remarkably helpful. At the social or professional level, when necessary, you will be able to count on him to get help, assistance, or a professional or social collaboration. He has great competencies in his field of expertise, and he is much more skilful or qualified that most other people who have the same social status or who do the same kind of work as him. This man has a great mastery of his expertise (he has an unusual gift or talent) and later you will benefit from his great generosity, because he never forgets those who show themselves as caring towards him. The reward that you will get from him will not necessarily be a monetary one, but nonetheless it will have a great material, asset, or financial value. It will be a very impressive reward.

The arrival of a new child will appear in your inner circle or family in the coming months. If not, a child will take a preeminent place, whether in your thoughts, your worries or in your family life (or in that of your closest circle of friends). You will need to take action or made decisions having to do with this child, or you will have to be ready for new obligations dealing with this child in your immediate future. This child will bring newness and unexpectedness into your life and will force you to demonstrate originality and freshness in activities you are increasingly less used to having. So, this means that you will be especially and personally concerned with the well-being of a child. Its presence will be new or clearly more obvious on your path and it will be dear to you. This child will forever take a major place in your everyday life or in your upcoming plans.


Love from someone close to you is irreversible and will follow you forever, even after death. It is a woman who has unfailing love for you. She is an exceptional mother, and she is mainly characterized by her gentleness and her great sense of her responsibilities. You have gone a long way with her and your relationship is and will always be private and privileged. This woman doesn’t always show her feelings because your happiness matters above all else. She always works hard to adapt to any situation, as complex as they may be, and she shows great disappointment when she doesn’t do as well as she wants to. She is human and energetic - she often tends to feel guilty for you – but she is undeniably your greatest friend and your greatest ally. She is your mother and she wants to give you everything. So, honor her as much as she deserves and as much as you can, because you won’t always have such a good opportunity to do so.

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Work, patience
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Intervention, Spiritual entity
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Challenge, perseverance
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Passion, courage
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Faith, reward
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Spiritual contact
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Battle, victory

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