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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday December 14, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Someone is concerned about his/her health. This person is younger than you are. You see him/her often (or regularly), but you only know him/her slightly (or not intimately). He/she is an artist or artisan. He/she is intuitive and has great talent. He/she does not have a boss or subordinate, and he/she appreciates the freedom that comes with his/her way of life. We are speaking here about a person of good appearance who is greatly loved by the people in his/her circle. He/she must overcome an illness and the fight will be difficult. Even if you know little about this person, you love him/her. If you could do something to help him/her or to reassure him/her regarding what he/she is now facing, you would do so without hesitation. You regret not being closer to him/her because this is someone who, in other circumstances, could brighten your life. You do not want him/her to suffer and you hope that, if possible, he/she will recover quickly and completely. This situation is sad and you fervently hope that everything will go well for him/her.
You are a protector (guardian) and as such you will always be ready to (energetically) repulse any individual (or entity) who might invade your personal space or that of your relatives. Consequently, over time, you will show a disconcerting and very efficient strength of character. In fact, few will be those who will have the audacity to try to intimidate you. You will be steadfast in the face of threats (verbal, physical, financial, material, etc.) and you will react heroically to the aggression of your enemies. Your actions will be the logical continuation of a policy that does not allow for defeatism and, in this sense, you will not fall to pressure nor to blackmail. You will thus answer the attacks of your adversaries with strength and determination and unhappy (or unlucky) will be those who show themselves too bold with you. You will not be afraid to take a punch and you will never fear to put yourself in the front lines to defend your loved ones. Your life principles will always be brave, so everyone (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) will have high regard for you. You are an example of courage and bravery, and as such very few people will hazard challenging you. In short, those who will dare will do so at their own risk and peril.  Copyright © 2019 (1)  Denis Lapierre

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